mardi, mai 16, 2006

Linux desktop ? Maybe ...

I'm using Linux on my computers since 2003. ll my computers (laptops, desktops, etc.). But today I juts felt frustrated with the new D*ll 9150 I bought two weeks ago. I tried Ubuntu 6.0.6, 5.1.0, Debian, no way ! Mac OSX works on this box, but the lack of video driver make it a bad experiance, beside the fact that this system is not really supported ;) We will try to install a Fedora Core 5 tomorrow, but I have little hope.

What is the problem? New disks. No drivers. D*ll is always trying to offer top notch devices for the best price, but without any Linux driver for it, you just feel in dire straits... At least, for laptops, you have this excellent site : Nothing for Desktop :(

Hope tomorrow will be better !