samedi, avril 04, 2009

How many new projects in Incubator this year ?

So IBM is discussing with Sun, as they are interested in buying them. Many articles and blogs has mentioned it those past few weeks. One interesting recent post on TheRegister is trying to guess what will happen if IBM finally absorbs Sun. At this point, this is probably a mix of blind guess, rumors, backtalks, and hypothesis. One sentence though is interesting :
"...It's likely the remainder of Sun's software would be quietly punted out to the Apache Software Foundation or released under an Apache license. IBM is an experienced backer of both."

That's an issue when people start to think The ASF is a place you can trash all what you don't want to support. Hopefully, we have an Incubator, and it's a damn good filter : a project without a community won't get out the incubator. This is one of the reasons why it takes time to exit from incubation...

We probably will need more mentors though in the next few months :)