mercredi, juin 04, 2008

Just don't do it !

Seems like some people are either pessimistic, or simply too tight with some oil companies :

Like it or not, as we are (have ?) reaching a peak oil, and considering that demand for coal and gas will surge soon (China is building two coal plants EACH WEEK !), you better be prepared !

Having spent one week in Florida lately, I must say that I was surprized : I have seen no solar panel at all... And Florida claims to be the 'Sunshine state' ...

I'm not very pleased with what I see - or don't see - in France too. Compared to Germany, we are very late. Having build more than 50 nuclear plants make us feel comfortable. When you know that electricity is only 17% of our global energy consumption ... Politicians are just acting as if they just discovered the problem (make me think that they are not acting : they are reacting).

Anyway, facing an important problem and simply saying : "we won't be able to do it" is just irresponsible. Shame on you, Mr Watson.