jeudi, septembre 17, 2009

LdapCON 2009 : Portland !

I'm flying to Portland tomorrow where the 2009 LDAP conference will stand, just before LinuxCON. Stefan Seelmann will travel with me, we arranged a common flight (Stefan is one of the guy behind Apache Directory Studio)

This will be the second LDAP conference, the last one was organized in Köln back in 2007. I will present two talks, one about replication and another one with Ludovic Poitou about a new Java based LDAP API.

The most interesting part is that the LDAP community will be there, this is a promize of many interesting conversations (and probably a lot of beers to drink :)

It's a 17 hours flight, with a stop, quite a long journey...

For those of you interested in LDAP, feel free to join us !