samedi, avril 05, 2008

Getting ready for Apache Conference

2 more days, and I'll be back in Amsterdam.

I still have a lot of things to take care of, including finishing my presentation, which is far too long atm...

It will be another perfect occasion to meet many Directory committers : Alex, Pierre-Arnaud (even if we usually get stuck together in the same office all year long ;), Stefan (Z), Stefan (S), Christine. We have a lot to discuss !

Those last weeks were really tough, as we decided to release two versions :
- Apache Directory Studio 1.1.0
- Apache Directory Server 1.5.2

There is a lot of things to do in order to get the Server released, and we expect to cut the release on monday (better do it before the end of the week, you never know in which shape you will be at the end of an Apache Conference !)

I will also met some former collegues from Joost (Stéphane, and may be some other).

Voilà, it's almost time to pack. See you all in two days !