jeudi, novembre 19, 2009

A F**** disgrace !

So we did it. For the forth time in a raw, France will be present in South Africa. But what a shame this match was !

I must say that I never saw the french soccer "team" (at this point, I don't know if we can call it a team) played so bad. Ever. We have talented players, probably worth half a billion euros if you cumulate their value, and we can't make them play a decent game ?

Last, not least, this ends with an insult to fair play. Really, Irish players deserved a better end...

My apologize for all the irish, this was unfair. Shame on Henry, shame on the referees, shame on the FIFA presidents who keep thinking that video is just good for watching pr0n movies, probably... And shame on Domenech, who admitted to sometime pick players based on astrology studies... ("all parameters have to be considered and I have added one by saying there is astrology involved"...)

This is not soccer. Just a pathetic parody...

mercredi, novembre 18, 2009

Upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10, updated

So after the ApacheCon event, I decided it was a good timing for an upgrade of my 8.10 Ubuntu driven laptop. I was quite pleased with the previous version, except that wifi support was crappy at best, and decided not to upgrade to 9.04,

After a full backup (took 4 hours), installation took only 20 minutes, most of the time was spent to carefully define the partitions so that I keep my /home and /opt safe. It seems that the installer is not happy with a 500 Mb partition for / (it asks for 2Gb), but I went through, without any problem.

I have 9 partitions defined, and even if it sounds a bit too much, I'm quite pleased with this setup. At least, /home and /opt are separate partitions, just because I don't want to update, but prefer to go through a complete re-installation instead (I have been burnt once with an update which ended with a full re-installation , so better spare this time by doing a direct re-installation). Another benefit is that I was able to move from ext3 to ext4 for the formatted partitions.

Then came the reboot, and bang, all was pretty much ok !

I just had to let Ubuntu to update many of its packages, and to add a few missing icons in my menu (xchat, thunderbird). My eclipse shortcut weren't working anymore, too, but that was easy to fix.

Now, the bad : suspend wasn't working anymore. I spent 3 hours on the net checking for a solution (it seems that almost everyone have experienced the very same problem), and at the end, I just found an interesting information. With an NVidia device, once the new driver (185) has been installed, adding this line in xorg.conf did the trick (in red) :

Section "Device"
Identifier "Default Device"
Driver "nvidia"
Option "NoLogo" "True"
Option "NvAGP" "1"

Don't ask me why, but it worked (Tm).

FYI, I'm using a Dell D620, a machine probably built and designed by former soviet union engineers : works well, looks ugly !

Update :
This version is probably the worst I ever used. CPU scaling does not work (I'm stuck at 1Ghz), Eclipse is crashing every now and then, many widgets remain stuck and can't be closed, sound does not work correctly, plus many little problems...

Release often, release fast, ok, but at least : release only when it's READY !!!