mercredi, avril 29, 2009

Eclipse, you are so boring sometime ...

So we have had a long convo lately with some french OSS peeps. It started about Sun^H^H^HOracle, and ended with a discussion about NetBeans vs IntelliJ Vs Eclipse Vs JDeveloper, well, forget about JDeveloper :)

I'm using Eclipse since its infancy, back in 2001, version 1.0-RC1 (time is flying !). Since then two things has prodigiously annoyed me :
- there is no way to work with two versions of the same project without having to switch the workspace (painful, to say the least !)
- importing a project into a working set (a recent addition) is still impossible : you have to import the project, and then move it to the working set.What a waste of time !

I thought that with this working set addition, it would be easy to associate a project to a specific working set, and then allow you to have two versions of this project at the same time. No way. It's a pure cosmetic addition.

Boring. Very boring... Com'on, Eclipse, instead of including useless plugins like this plague named mylyn, you could simply make developers life easier fixing the working set concept !