lundi, mai 07, 2007

ApacheCON EU is over

This was just a great ApacheCon ! And the weather was just perfect :)

Almost all of the ApacheDS team was present (Christine, Stefan Seelmann, Pierre-Arnaud aka pam, Alex and also Chris), and we have had very interesting discussions about the next release. A lot of work to be done ... But also a lot of great guys to deal with !

I also had time to attend some presentations, like Sally's one ("Breaking Through the Noise") with was really good, Peter Royal's presentation ( 20AC%20EU%202007.pdf), one of the best presentation I ever saw, and of course the funny lightning talks, which I can't enjoyed as much as I wanted, due to an accident I had to deal with (google sponsored some beers during this event, and I couldn't resist to have one, so was my computer... Dell keybords don't like Heinekken *at all* ! At least, after having spent 3 hours dismantling, cleaning and reassembling it, it works again. Joy ! )

It was also a pleasure to meet all the Joost guys, Stephane Baillez, Sylvain Wallez, Jean-Baptiste Quenot, Sander, Leo, Erik, Pier (plus a few more guys, like Marteen, Torsten, Ludovic, ... they are so many !). Guys, Joost just rock !

A special thanks to Ugo who scooted us into the city, and to Yeliz and Qing who are interviewing many of us to try to understand the way we work (it's all about the community, guys :)

I don't know if I will attend to ApacheCon US this year, but I will certainly be in Amsterdam again next year !

PS: nous avons un nouveau président, et bien sûr quelques crétins n'ont pû s'empêcher de marquer leur déception en brulant des poubelles, cassant des vitrines et jetant des pavés sur les forces de l'ordre. Visiblement, le suffrage universel et la démocratie est encore une notion abstraite pour une couche assez limité de la population, aussi limité que leur capacité mentale... Traverser Paris la nuit en vélo avec ces odeurs de plastique brulé et de gaz lacrymogène n'a pas été très plaisant. La bêtise a ceci de plus que l'intelligence que cette dernière est forcément limité quand la connerie est sans limite ...