vendredi, septembre 04, 2009

A question of style...

This morning, Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot, who designed the Apache Directory Server web site pointed me to the new Nexus site. And then back to Directory Studio.

Pretty similar L&F :) In fact, the CSS are the very same.

First, Pierre-Arnaud is quite proud to see that what he designed was used as a base for a commercial web site (granted that the people behind Nexus are Apachers too - Sonatype's founder is Jason Von Zyl, one of the well known Maven guy )

Second, I think that we should also add the ASL 2.0 header in CSS, and probably HTML pages (assuming that Confluence does it automatically when exporting pages : something to check)

Last, not least, I'm quite sure that Pierre-Arnaud, and the Directory project team, would have appreciated to be contacted before those CSS are used for a commercial web site. Just because Pierre-Arnaud has spent hours, and probably days, to polish those CSS and would have been pleased to have been thanked for that.

But it's probably always the same story : deadlines, rush hours, etc. Anyways, it's always a pleasure to see that your work is being reused, it's a proof that it's not that bad, all in all :)

So congrats for the great job, Pierre-Arnaud !