lundi, septembre 20, 2010

Maven community is sometime a strange world ...

3 years ago, I submitted a patch for the Maven antlr plugin. Something quite simple that took me 1 hour to whip, test and to send as a JIRA [1]

It took 6 months for this patch to be applied, something I can understand.

However, 3 years after the code has been patched, I can't get the plugin from the Apache repository, where it was before. Why ? Because the project has been moved from Apache to Mojo. The reason ?

"A release could be done shortly but I would like to move the maven-antlr-plugin and maven-antlr3-plugin (in sandbox) to Mojoproject.

During the last year, I am the main committer on this project. Recently, David Holroyd provided a new plugin that supports Antlr v3, and submitted some patches. Unfornately, he is not an ASF committer. I could take care of David's patches but I think it should be good to give a new life of this project in the Mojo land. It would be more easy to give access to David, so he could maintain it as he wants. " [2]

What's wrong in the Maven community if they can't make someone who is obviously proposing patches and is a wanna-be committer if they have to move the project out of Apache to get this guy working on the project ? Voting process is too complex ?

Seriously, I don't get it ...

PS : of course, I can get the plugin from the Apache repo, but not at the same place. It's now available on [3].