mardi, décembre 08, 2009

Come on Eclipse, you can do it !!!

It's now years Eclipse has introduced the Working Set feature. It's really helpful, but sadly, it's still a damn bad hack : you can't have more than one project with the same name.

For instance, I want to work on MINA 2.0 *and* MINA 3.0. Both of them will have the same project names, as I see no reason to change them. I have a mina-core java project in both sets, and no way to have them both in their associated working set in eclipse.

This is not only useless, at some point, it's ridiculous. I can't imagine that in 8 years, no one in eclipse understood that it's a major problem. It seems to me a very basic concept...

It's just like, hmmm, I have a new born baby, and I want to name him/her John/Dorothy : WRONG ! Some one in another family has already used those names... Get it ?

How stupid ...

Hopefully, it might be possible in Eclipse 4.0 : (bullet #6)