lundi, juillet 08, 2013

LDAPCon 2013, November 18-19 in Paris, France

The fourth International Conference on LDAP (LDAPCon) will take place in November 18-19 in Paris, France.

The International Conference on LDAP is a technical forum for IT professionals interested in LDAP and related topics like directory servers, directory management applications, directory integration, identity and access management, and meta directories.

It focuses on implementation and integration of LDAP servers and LDAP-enabled client applications. The event will bring together vendors, developers, active and prospective LDAP practitioners to share their experiences about deployment strategies, service operations, interoperability, discuss LDAP usage in new projects and learn about upcoming trends and developments.

A Call for Papers has been raised. You have up to September 8th 2013 to submit your talk. You can find all details, important dates or topic ideas on the LDAPCon CFP page.