mercredi, mai 21, 2008

Two interesting words

As I'm visiting Alex Karasulu in Florida (lucky guy !!), and enjoying the sun, sea and warm days, I wanted to point out those two words which have different meanings in USA and in France :

- Service : This is definitively not a french word. The french revolution has seen the privileges being abolished, and it's still remanent in waiters mind... You have to be known to be "served" in a restaurant in Paris. In Jacksonville - but this is also the case in all the US cities I having been -, service means something.

- Resources : Seems to be unlimited in US. Cars are pissing gaz crazy. Electricity is like for free, as you never switch off the bulbs, because, eh, the switch is on the other side of the room ! (like in USSR, where you never switch off the oven, as matches are more difficult to find than gaz :). Obviously, Resources is not a french word either...

Both combined makes life confortable in US. Much more than any european who never travel accross the ocean can imagine (this is always bugging me when I read gross approximation about "how hard is it to live in the USA for those who are not billionaires" : people seems to be pretty happy here...). The question is : for how long ?

Good to be with some good friend, sharing some good technical discussion about ApacheDS, with a glass of cool white wine (a french Chablis 1999 ;), in front of the ocean, while dolphins are jumping out of the sea.