mardi, février 24, 2009

Wasted 40 € today...

I went to see a "doctor" this afternoon. In France, you have to spend many years in university in order to become a doctor. Fine.

So my throat hurts, since last week. I thought it was time to stop aspirin and check if I needed some more powerfull medecine (basically, check it was viral or bacterian). So I picked a doctor close to my current client. Bad move...

I should have quit his office as soon as I discovered he was an adept of those sugar pills: an homeopath ! What a joke... When introduced into his office, he first asked me if there was nothing wrong with him using a pendulum. What the hell ??? Then came the investigation (around 2 minutes) : "this is viral" (how the fuck does he know ? ).

And now, the best part : he picked a random number of 'medecines' on his board, and used his pendulum to select the ones I have to take.

40 €. No kidding. Back to ancient age, hands over your body, fuming parfumes, split on your right, and you are cured, and he is a bit richer.

And we PAY for such a piece of doctor ???

"It's a flue. Take your medicine, you'll be cured in one week. Do nothing, it will last 7 days".