samedi, février 03, 2007

New site for Apache DS

I'm Impressed ! The new Web Site for Apache Directory server is now up and running ! We were expecting it to be revamped for months, but none of us had time to do it. And suddenly, that's it : a new site, with a new logo, new L&F, etc.

The problem with Apache people is not that they are bad, or lazzy, it is just that they don't have enough hours in a day to do everything they have on their list... But when they decide to dedicate a few hours, and gather all their energy, working as a network, it's incredibly much faster than in any other company or organization. Because of the network.

Apache strength is the network. People are the nodes, information is exchanged through this great network, from Turkey to USA, from France to South Korea, from all over the planet, 24x24, 7x7.

I'm impressed every single day ! Oh, and by the way, Apache has reach 500 000 commits in SVN. I missed it, but it was very close : :)

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Yeliz a dit…

Hey Emmanuel,
This is Yeliz. I had interviewed you during Apache Conference at Austin, remember? I am coming to France in March, and will be in Paris during March 1-4. Let me know if you would like to catch up. I am going to try to locate your email address, but if you see my message, would you please email me at

PS: I hope you're going to ApacheCon Europe in Amsterdam as well. I will be there! I wonder who from directory will make it to that conference...

Diego a dit…


I've found your name and blog on the ApacheDS site.

Many projects are adopting wiki and wiki like sites por dicumentation, I just find it not pretty convinient spetially for low band people like me.

Is there anay chance to have an automated tool generate a PDF or html of the full docs in only one page, I mean no t having to navigate throught the hole page???

Thanks in advance!