mardi, mai 06, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 speeds up Java !

I have heard that the new kernel bring some improvements, and was expecting better performances on my local Apache Directory Server micro benchmark, but not that much.

I got a 15% speedup on my test ! FYI, this is a basic test doing some random searches into a server with 10 000 entries. I have a small injector running N threads, each one doing M search requests.

With Ubuntu 7.04, I reached 4296 req/s, and I know get 4924 req/s ! Not that bad :)

I still have to test if OpenLdap benefits from this speedup (with my previous Linux version, it was able to deliver up to 8900 req/s, so we are still two times slower).

PS: this is NOT a valid benchmark, I just use it to compare performances between to fixes, as it's fast and easy to launch. We have a better benchmark platform to do real tests !

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