mercredi, mars 11, 2009

Oracle JRockit, WTF ?

Today, I wanted to check with the latest JRockit version that we can run Apache Directory Studio with.

No way ! You simply can't anymore get the latest version of this VM, unless you are ready to download one of the charged product : Oracle JRockit Mission Control 3.0.3 or Oracle JRockit Real Time 3.0.

This is an incredibly stupid idea ! I don't care using either of those two products. What I want is to be sure that my clients who have invested a huge amount of money in WebLogic and decided that the VM of choice for their infrastructure will be JRockit, won't have any problem whatsoever with JRockit running Apache Directory Studio.

Now, Oracle is wasting my time, as I have to register, give them some email address they can spam and get rid of the product I don't want to use just to be able to play with the JVM.

Not to mention that their Login system is massively FU...


2 commentaires:

davanum a dit…

Emmanuel, Google cache still shows some links that are still valid -

Emmanuel Lécharny a dit…

Thanks Davanum, but these are old version of JRockit (1.6.0_03, when the last one is 1.6.0_05)

Anyway, that is smart :)