jeudi, novembre 26, 2009

DELL D620, R.I.P...

Last week, I installed the latest Ubuntu 9.10 on my Dell laptop. I had to revert to 9.04, due to some huge instabilities (I was using Ubuntu 8.10 for more than a year before).

So far, Ub9.04 was just fine, I didn't had any problem, beside the problematic support for Flash on FF3.0, and a painfull process eating 45% of my CPU : something supposely helping disabled people to use the computer. Once this process has been killed, everything went fine.

Too bad. Yesterday evening, I had some issues with my power cord (it was said not to be recognized by the system), with the consequence of the battery not being on charge, and my processor crawling at half speed. It lasted until this morning, then it worked again. I already experimented this harsh in Oakland last month...

Tonite, I left the office after having suspended my laptop, and when I arrived at home, it was dead. Switch on, some leds were blinking, I heard the disk spinning a few seconds, and that was it. Nothing on the screen... Hopefully, I did a full backup last week before switching my system !

So I bought a Mac book pro, a 15", 2.8Ghz, 320Gb 7200rpms, 4Gb mem. 1400 €, refurbished. It is supposed to arrive either tomorrow or monday.

My Dell was 3 years old, I didn't paid for it (insurance paid for it, my previous one has been stolen), so it's the first time in 5 years I buy a new laptop. Not too bad ...

If some one is interested in spare pieces, I have 1 Gb of mem, a 160Gb 2.5" disk, a battery. Just tell me !

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