jeudi, octobre 23, 2014

About Perfection and OSS

From time to time I feel like we all have our own Moby Dick, and when it comes to OSS, it's name is 'perfection'.

Those shiny moments of pure joy, this warm feeling that surround you, when you can say 'mission accomplished' are rare and vanishing periods when you work on a never ending project. Its more or less when you get a big bug fixed, or when you read some enthusiast review on the project you are working on.

Fixing a bug is probably the best way to get this reward, as you know that you have made some progress.

It's forever shadowed by the constant pain of knowing that there are other bugs, and that in order to get a release done, you had to make some choices, leaving problems behind.

Is it a sad story about being a developer? No. It's not sad. It's tough, it's long, it's an endless job. Would I prefer doing something else? Certainly not ! At least, I know what I'm chasing, and even if I rarely foresee this fading perfection, sometime, I can almost touch it. Not something you can experience when you work in a company, as you don't have the opportunity to polish the project as much as you want, due to time constraints.

Last, not least, you are not alone. When you think that you are turning in circles, you know that the community you are part of will help you. Use it : they have the clues you don't have.

An Arabic proverb says "It's not that the way is painful, it's just that the pain is the way". So you better deal with it.

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