mardi, février 16, 2010

Some new LDAP browsers

Today, Stefan Seelmann pointed out that a couple of free LDAP browsers have been launched.

The first one is delivered by Symlabs (no clue about the license though) and the other one is a NetBeans plugin.

I can understand that the NetBeans team develops a specific plugin, but I don't get the reason why a private company develops something that is already available for years, actively developed and used by a hundred of thousands people. I mean, isn't it a waste of time and resources ?

Guys, there is room for you to join The Apache Software Foundation if you think you can give an hand, instead of playing in your own sandbox !

PS: none of those two projects come close to the functionalities we deliver with Apache Directory Studio.

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Vladimir Dzhuvinov a dit…

I don't know whether the Apache Directory Studio was a side project or not to the Apache DS effort, but to me it is certainly the best LDAP dev tool I have used ever. Period :)